Climate Change &

Our Changing Planet

But there’s HOPE.

We find that hope in collective communities. There is something empowering about being part of a community, a movement, it gives us energy, purpose, and builds relationships not just with each other but with everything on this space rock we call Home.

We recognize our 1% For The Planet pledge is a small gesture, but that’s just the beginning. This is a community and the benefits don’t stop with a donation. It’s about sharing information,¬†taking action and supporting good causes.

Our collective home, Planet Earth, is in a climate emergency.

Human-caused climate change is negatively impacting ecosystems across the globe. And it’s not just the communities we know and love experiencing more difficult extremes, our furry friends and critters are finding their natural habitat increasingly less stable too.

Our Promise

We are taking an active role in the planet’s future. We can make a difference and this is how we start.

Join The Network

You can join us a buyer or seller by using an agent in our network or introducing your current agent to us. 

If you are an agent yourself, take the pledge with us and commit 1% of your commission for the planet.